Thanksgiving Table   When Thanksgiving rolls around every year, our taste buds look forward to the tasty treats and delicious home-cooked meals that abound. Yet it isn't just the food that makes our hearts happy and stomachs full. What brings families and friends together every year is the love we share for each other. Deep within, we are grateful for what really matters in this life: each other. Seasons change, time ticks, and unfortunately, some of our dearest friends and family members pass away but the memories remain. The times we share around Thanksgiving will never be forgotten. We stay thankful for the Thanksgiving leftovers: those memories that stay near and dear to our hearts. Below are a list of ideas to help create unity and meaningful memories with your friends and families this year... so the true leftovers are never really gone!
  • Game Time: Pick a game that everyone in the group loves to play. Maybe even create your own. Playing games will create a team atmosphere and liven up the party!
  • Cook Together: Have the group all prepare a tasty dessert or entree together. You'll take more pride in eating together if you create the meals together!
  • Play Music: Music connects all of us closer together. Pick a genre and have it playing in the background. Who knows... an epic dance party just might organically evolve!
  • Beer & Wine Tasting: Although the little ones of the group couldn't participate, this is a fun activity for the adults! Before getting together, have everyone pick either their favorite seasonal beer or wine bottle and tell them to bring it to the party. Without looking at the name or seeing the type of beer/wine, everyone takes a turn to pour the drink that they brought and hands it to each person in the group. Then you guess which one (out of the names you wrote down) it is. Whoever guesses correctly, keeps the drink.
  • Videos & Photos: Don't forget to take tons of videos & photos... especially of the funny memories! This is a great way to look back and remember. Create a new Thanksgiving photo album every year.
What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving memories? Do you have ideas that you think would create a memorable Thanksgiving? Share your memories and ideas with us. We'd love to hear them! Blog & Ideas Credit: Hannah Buwick
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