If you're looking for your next home, nailing down a budget is a crucial first step. If you're still window shopping and not ready to talk to a realtor yet, use Realty Point's free home affordability calculator to see what homes are in your budget.

One of the most expansive budget calculators available, our tool combines information on current loan rates and your down payment, annual income, and monthly financial obligations to return your estimated:

  • • Monthly mortgage payment
  • • Principal and interest throughout the length of the loan
  • • Taxes and insurance

With a concrete budget, you'll be better able to:

  • • Find a home that won't break the bank and eliminate wasted time looking at homes that don't fit your budget
  • • Nail down what size, location and type of home you're interested in
  • • Schedule some viewings with a local realtor once you get a top picks list put together
  • • Get into that dream home faster than ever so you can start planning that Superbowl party!
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Calculate Your Home Budget Now!

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