Maple Leaf and Forest Canopy, Gatineau Park, Quebec.

Decorating With Nature in Fall and Winter shares 16 different project ideas that you can try to spruce up your house this season! See designs & read the full article on how to get started right here. #1 Project: Fill bud vases with feathers - A single feather tucked into each cluster of bud vases makes a poetic dining table centerpiece or bedside adornment. #2 Project: Fill a nonworking fireplace with wood - Fill an unused fireplace to the brim with a neat stack of firewood for a look that's warm and cozy. #3 Project: Shelve your firewood - Filling a bookshelf or two with firewood works whether you need to store some for use this winter or just want to add some rustic charm to your space. #4 Project: Entwine a branch with fairy lights - Bare branches hung above a headboard with clear fishing line give off a beautiful glow when entwined with fairy lights. #5 Project: Fill a floor vase with fall foliage - An oversize vessel makes a strong statement when filled with an armful of colorful fall branches. #6 Project: String up a fall garland - Make your own lovely seasonal garland to adorn the dining room at your next fete. #7 Project: Fill a vase with ornamental grasses - The feathery fronds of an ornamental grass make an unexpected and long-lasting bouquet. #8 Project: Lake print place mats - This is a quick and fun project perfect for casual autumn and winter gatherings. #9 Project: Frame a leaf - Old picture frames can be found at yard sales & flea markets so put them to work in a quick, seasonal display by hanging a cluster of empty frames on the wall. #10 Project: Adorn a chandelier - Give your dining room light fixture a new lease on life by artfully draping it with a few bright red berry branches. #11 Project: Set the table with herb bundles - Make small bundles of fresh-snipped herbs & tie each to a cloth napkin with twine for an easy, elegant & fragrant table setting. #12 Project: Re-purpose wine bottles as vases - This is the perfect excuse to hold on to a bottle with a really pretty label. Collect a few different heights and display them together, either on their own or bundled with twine. #13 Project: Make a succulent centerpiece - A long, narrow planter in a beautiful material like copper works well. #14 Project: Highlight a collection under glass - A cluster of glass cloches and other vessels makes an artful tabletop display when filled with small natural treasures and air plants. #15 Project: Fill up a vintage pail - Collect some pine cones and tumble them into a metal pail & tuck it into a blank corner to add textural interest all season long. #16 Project: Embrace nature in a photograph - Take your camera along on your next day trip to a beautiful area and challenge yourself to take a frame-worthy shot & frame it! Full Article here.
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